Set Price Now Growth and Marketing Plan

Marketing Analysis

Demographic of our Ideal Client:

Set Price Now is currently targeting individuals in the Weight Loss, Eyelash/Eyebrow Spas, Day Spas, Hair and Nail Salons, Med Spas, Aesthetic Nurses, Body Sculpting Specialists, and Pet grooming industries. Our primary focus is on US consumers who are seeking these services.



1. Professionals (Secondary Target):
– Individuals who own or work in businesses in the Weight Loss, Eyelash/Eyebrow Spas, Day Spas, Hair and Nail Salons, Med Spas, Aesthetic Nurses, Body Sculpting Specialists, and Pet grooming industries.
– Active on social media platforms and have a website.

2. Consumers:
– Women between the ages of 25-55.
– Tech-savvy and active on social media.
– Value aesthetics and have a preference for finer things in life.
– Financially comfortable with an annual income of over $75,000.
– Own a pet.
– Regularly visit Medspas and Dayspas.
– Enjoy wine and dining experiences.
– Influencers, either micro or macro, who have a significant impact on their audience.

Psychographic of our ideal client:

 Professional Persona (Secondary Target):
– Highly motivated professionals who are committed to offering the best services to their customers.
– Conscious of their social media presence, personality, and overall presentation.
– Maintain a professional and polished image, with attractive websites and active presence on social media and internet marketing.

– Women who are tired of ineffective options and are seeking the best value for their money.
– Individuals who are eager to refer others and have a strong online presence.
– Enjoy rating businesses and sharing their experiences, finding value in their social persona rankings.
– Price conscious individuals who prioritize finding the best deals.
– While price is important, they still hold high standards for the quality of these services.


Professionals (Secondary Market):
– Scatter Gun Marketing: Feeling the need to invest heavily in marketing to stay ahead in the industry.
– Spending 10-40% of gross on marketing: Facing the challenge of allocating a significant portion of their earnings towards marketing efforts.
– Empty slots in schedule: Dealing with open appointment slots and the need to fill cancellations.
– Getting blackmailed by consumers due to one-sided ratings: Being vulnerable to consumer blackmail as ratings are often one-sided.

– Difficulty finding deals: Struggling to come across attractive deals and discounts for services.
– Lack of transparency in service costs: Finding it challenging to determine the cost of a service upfront.
– Needing to call each business individually to inquire about price and availability: Spending time and effort contacting multiple businesses to gather information.
– Difficulty finding services that match budget and values: Struggling to find services that align with their financial situation and personal values.
– Difficulty finding desired services at preferred times: Facing challenges in finding the services they want, when they want them.


Professionals (Secondary):
– How to consistently fill up their schedule with more patients.
– Constantly feeling the pressure to sell themselves and their services.
– Concerns about negative reviews and the impact of online platforms like Yelp.
– Dealing with cancellations and the resulting gaps in their schedule.

– Fear of being deceived by online services.
– Feeling tricked or upsold by platforms like Groupon.
– Difficulty in identifying trustworthy service providers.
– Time and energy-consuming process of finding available service providers.
– Challenges in determining the price of a service.
– Shyness or reluctance to ask for discounts.
– Unable to easily find information on which service providers offer special deals.
– Spending excessive time searching online for special deals.


Professionals (Secondary Market):
– A free platform to find clients without the need for paid marketing.
– Attracting clients without actively seeking them, allowing clients to come to them.
– A solution to fill in empty spots in their schedule.
– The ability to rate and review clients without facing any negative backlash.
– A platform that prioritizes their safety and supports them, counteracting the negative impact of platforms like Yelp.
– Filling empty spots in their schedule to increase productivity and the value of their time.

– A trustworthy platform to find rated professionals, products, and services.
– The freedom to set their own prices.
– Access to deals and discounts.
– Finding last-minute deals.
– Easy availability of professionals for their desired time and at their preferred price.


Professionals (Secondary Market):
– To achieve success in their field.
– Attracting a large number of clients.
– Increasing their workload and becoming busier.
– Acquiring clients at a lower cost.
– Reducing overhead and expenses.
– Attracting patients and clients who specifically seek the type of service they offer in their unique way.

– To easily find services that address their personal needs in a convenient and intuitive manner.
– Access to availability information.
– Finding the best prices.
– The ability to set their own prices for desired services.
– Eliminating the need to contact numerous places for information.

What Keeps them up at night:

Professionals (Secondary Market):
– The fear of losing their competitive edge.
– Insufficient number of patients and clients.
– Inadequate revenue generation.
– Losing to their competition.

– Concerns about affordability.
– Doubts about being able to afford desired services.
– Worries about getting the services they want when they want them.
– Questioning whether they are getting the best value for their money.

What would they google search:

A potential client for Set Price Now may search for the following on Google or look for on Instagram:

1. “Find rated professionals at set prices”
2. “Platform for trusted service providers”
3. “Best deals on services”
4. “Last-minute service discounts”
5. “Availability of professionals at desired times”
6. “Set your own price for services”
7. “No need to call multiple places for service information”
8. “Safe platform for professionals and clients”
9. “Stop Yelp negative ratings system”
10. “Increase revenue and productivity for professionals”
11. “Convenient and intuitive service booking”
12. “Affordable services”
13. “Best value for services”
14. “Reduce overhead costs for professionals”
15. “Competitive edge for professionals”

Additional search ideas and terms are listed below:


Professionals (Secondary Market):
– Beauty professionals (e.g., beauticians, makeup artists)
– Eyelash and eyebrow specialists
– Dog groomers
– Nail technicians
– Hair stylists
– Day spas and massage therapists
– Waxing specialists
– Laser hair removal technicians
– Weight loss and body sculpting professionals

– Searching for specific industry or profession names in their city (e.g., “beauty salons in New York”)
– Looking for solutions to specific problems in their city (e.g., “how to lose weight in Los Angeles”)
– Seeking specific solutions to their problems, such as GLP-1, in their city
– Searching for deals on services they want

Description of our Avatar:

Professional Persona (Secondary Market):
– Highly motivated professionals who strive to provide the best service to their customers.
– Conscious of their social media presence, personality, and presentation.
– Maintain a strong online presence with attractive websites and active engagement in social media and internet marketing.
– Seek to attract clients at the best possible prices.

– Men and women who are tired of unsatisfactory options.
– Individuals looking for specific services at a particular point in time.
– Want to know the prices of procedures or services.
– Interested in finding deals for the services they want.
– Pet owners (dog or cat).
– Regular visitors to hair, nail, eyebrow, and lash salons.
– Beauty enthusiasts who prioritize maintenance and appearance.
– Conscious of both beauty and price.
– Have discretionary income but limited budget.
– Seek to stretch their dollar and find value.
– Interested in last-minute deals.
– Value price more than quality.
– Individuals who want the best value and enjoy rating businesses and sharing experiences online.

Results: Can we help them?

Yes. Set Price Now simplifies the search, find, and pricing process by allowing users to set their desired price for services in three easy steps. We provide a dynamic and user-friendly alternative to the current static search model.

Profits: Will they pay?

Yes. Professionals are currently paying significant amounts for listings on paid platforms and services to maintain positive online reputations. They are willing to invest in marketing and client referrals.

Challenges they are facing:
– Static search processes on the internet.
– Difficulty in quickly and intuitively finding availability and best prices without contacting each business individually.
– Lack of dynamic pricing options to adjust to market conditions.

How can we help/support them right now?

Set Price Now enables consumers to quickly and effortlessly get what they want by setting their desired price and preferred time. For professionals, it offers an opportunity to acquire new clients at no cost, allowing them to pass on their marketing savings to these clients.

Features of our product or service:
– Rating system for businesses.
– Efficient connection between professionals and consumers.
– Ability to set your own price.
– Flexibility in choosing the preferred time.
– Access to last-minute deals in the area.

Advantages of our product or service:

– Easy-to-use platform.
– Intuitive interface.
– Control over setting the price.
– Choice of preferred time.
– Visibility of last-minute deals from professionals with available slots in their schedule.
– Dynamic pricing options.

Benefits of our product or service:

– Savings in terms of money, time, effort, and energy for both professionals and consumers.
– Empowerment for users to receive the desired services at the price they want, when they want it.
– Free client acquisition for professionals.

We work with:

Professionals and consumers who are seeking a match. They want to set their desired price for services and connect with professionals willing to accept that price.

Our clients struggle with:
Finding services that align with their desired price, timing, and preferences.

And would like:

A fast, easy, and affordable solution for finding the services they need.

Our promise is:

If the price set is reasonable, users will be matched with professionals who accept it.

We/I will:

Save both parties time and money.

As a result, our clients achieve, receive, and feel:

Empowered, with access to the right information, and the security and safety they deserve. They get the services they want, at their desired price and time, while professionals gain free clients.

Marketing Summary

Executive Summary

Set Price Now is an innovative platform that allows consumers to find services at a discounted rate. The company has a unique selling proposition that distinguishes it from traditional booking services. This marketing plan aims to target potential customers by creating an untraditional and irreverent brand image while utilizing paid social media advertising on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. The target audience for this marketing plan has been expanded to include older app users as well, with a primary focus on customer retention.


Target Audience

The target audience for Set Price Now includes both younger and older tech-savvy individuals who value convenience and affordability. Our expanded target audience includes individuals who are looking for discounted service bookings but are also interested in a user-friendly app experience that can be used on-the-go. We aim to attract customers who value their time and appreciate the convenience of booking last-minute appointments at a discounted rate. Our target audience values high-quality services, but also appreciates a good deal.


Marketing Objectives

1. Increase brand awareness and recognition across all age groups
2. Boost app downloads and user registration among older audiences
3. Drive user engagement and retention, encouraging users to actively use the app every month
4. Generate sales and revenue


Marketing Strategies

1. Develop an irreverent and untraditional brand image that appeals to all age groups: Set Price Now’s brand image should reflect its unique selling proposition. The company should utilize humor, pop-culture references, and other attention-grabbing elements to differentiate itself from traditional booking services. The brand image should be modern, yet inclusive, appealing to all age groups.


2. Utilize Paid Social Media Advertising: Social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect channels for reaching both younger and older audiences. In the beginning, paid ads on these platforms should target users in regional service areas and promote the discounted rates and convenience of using the Set Price Now app. Ad content should appeal to both younger and older audiences.
3. User-Generated Content: Encourage and incentivize users to create and share content about their experiencesusing Set Price Now. This can include sharing pictures of their before and after transformations, testimonials, and reviews. This content can be utilized in ads and on social media to boost engagement and promote user acquisition.


4. Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers of various ages in the beauty, healthcare, and wellness industries that appeal to both younger and older audiences to promote Set Price Now. Influencers can share their own experience using the app and encourage their followers to download the app and make bookings. This can help increase brand awareness and user acquisition across all age groups.


5. Referral Programs: Create referral programs that incentivize users to invite friends and family to use Set Price Now. This can be done by offering discounts or credits towards future bookings.


6. Email Marketing: Utilize email marketing to send personalized messages to users, including booking confirmations, reminders, and post-service feedback requests. Email marketing can also be used to promote new service offerings and seasonal promotions. Older audiences may prefer email marketing as a communication channel.


7. Seasonal Promotions: Set Price Now can offer seasonal promotions to entice users to book services during specific times of the year. This can include discounts on services or free add-ons, such as complimentary teeth whitening with a teeth cleaning booking during the holiday season. Promotions should appeal to both younger and older audiences.


Key Performance Indicators

1. App downloads and user registrations among both younger and older audiences
2. Active user engagement and retention, with a focus on encouraging users to use the app every month

3. Increase in brand awareness and recognition across all age groups

4. Number of sales and revenue generated from bookings made through the app
5. Number of user-generated content and engagement on social media
6. Number of referrals generated through the referral program
7. Open and click-through rates of email marketing campaigns


Budget Allocation

The marketing budget for Set Price Now will be allocated as follows:

1. Paid Social Media Advertising – 50%
2. Influencer Marketing – 20%
3. User-Generated Content – 10%
4. Referral Programs – 5%
5. Email Marketing – 10%
6. Seasonal Promotions – 5%



Set Price Now is a unique platform that has the potential to disrupt the traditional booking services industry. This marketing plan aims to target a wider audience by developing an irreverent and untraditional brand image while utilizing paid social media advertising, influencer marketing, user-generated content, referral programs, email marketing, and seasonal promotions. The focus is on customer retention and encouraging users to actively use the app every month. I am confident that thesemarketing strategies will increase brand awareness, boost user engagement and retention, and generate sales and revenue for Set Price Now.