How it Works

Set Price Now (SPN) is a mobile app that allows consumers, you, to find your “wants” at your price.

We also allow providers, “them”, to send out once in a lifetime deals!!


It’s easy as 1-2-3

You set your price.

We all want something, whether that perfect eyebrow, or the perfect skin, or Botox or the beautiful glittery nails ( you get my point) , but then what stops us is either the affordability issue or “it’s just too expensive and not worth it”.

We send your offer

All providers in our platform will be notified.

Be accepted

Your offer will be accepted or countered by these providers.

Everyone is happy!!


It’s easy as 1-2-3

Last Minute

A DaySpa or MedSpa (etc) gets a last minute cancellation.

Lifetime Deal

The MedSpa, Eyelash Esthetician (etc) sends out a once in a lifetime deal, rather than having an empty schedule they put out an amazing deal up for grabs to the lucky first takers.


You grab it like it’s running out of style.

Everyone is happy!!

Everyone got a deal…

You got what u want at your price and the provider gave what they are good at, at the price they accepted…a win-win situation for all.

If that’s not enough, another unique advantage in Set Price Now is we allow both consumers and providers to rate each other anonymously!! This prevents fake/paid reviews and instead promotes fair honest feedback.

We strive to get you what you want for your price.